The following projects have been awarded under the MSTIC Other Transaction Agreements.  Please check periodically for updates.

ProjectTech AreaSONMSTIC MemberProject Value
24-01B-001R&D-047Ohio Class Towed Buoy DevelopmentClear Carbon & Components, Inc.$2.66M
23-03-3-006R&D-021Manufacturing Analysis Simulation ToolsLIFT$4M
23-02-022AFR&PI-006LHD Midlife Electrical Cabinet Fabrication901D LLC$1.47M
23-02-004AFR&PI-006LHD Midlife Electrical Cabinet FabricationEpsilon Systems Solutions, Inc.$1.7M
23-03-1-005CO&TRPD-003LHDA Machinery Control System Tech Refresh901D LLC$2.3M
23-03-1-013R&D-008HM&E DevSecOps Afloat Computing SystemNAG Marine$1.5M
23-02-010DT-004Advanced Weapons Elevators (AWE) Integrated Digital Maintenance and Reliability EnvironmentDelphinus Engineering, Inc.$2.38M
23-03-5-013FIT-007Additive Component ManufacturingMarotta Controls, Inc.$.67M
23-01-002-001AFR&PI-002Shipboard Oil Water Separator (OWS)/Oil Content Monitor (OCM)Alfa Laval, Inc.$.3M
23-03-2-004R&D-028USN Common, Sourced Power SupplyRCT Systems, Inc.$.06M
23-01-008-003R&D-003USN LM2500 Gas Turbine – Navy Common Core ControllerWoodward, Inc.$.55M
23-03-5-009FIT-007Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing – B369 Ship Service Ball Valve BodyFairbanks Morse Defense$.3M
23-03-5-005FIT-007AM of Legacy Pump Impellers for Navy Surface Ship SustainmentCarver Pump Company$.47M
23-03-5-011FIT-007Additive Component ManufacturingKeselowski Additive Manufacturing$.10M
23-02-027FIT-006Shipboard Waste IncineratorDelphinus Engineering$1.5M
23-03-5-004FIT-007Develop Metal AM Production Readiness for NavyImperial Machine & Tool Co.$.06M
23-01-010A-005R&D-005DDG-51 Class Universal Control ConsoleNAG Marine$3.96M
23-03-5-012FIT-007Wire Arc DED for Navy Additive Component ManufacturingRelativity Space, Inc.$.36M
23-02-020R&D-016Decentralized Navigation System for RF and GPS Denied EnvironmentsMagothy River Technologies LLC$0.39M
23-01-013A-001R&D-009Class Machinery Control Systems (MCS) Data Interface Unit (DIU) PLCSiemens Government Technologies, Inc.$11.0M
23-03-2-002R&D-029Process-Oriented Improvements for Navy Technical Encumbrance ReductionColvin Run Networks, Inc.$0.08M
22-02-001CO&TRPD-001Aqueous Film Forming Foam Biocide ReplacementMPR Associates, Inc.$0.62M
23-03-4-001FIT-008Additive Manufacturing Sensor Monitoring and Analysis in Real Time TDI Novus, Inc.$0.07M
23-03-5-014FIT-007ICME-based additive manufacturing MRL Materials Resources LLC$0.61M
23-02-006 FIT-004 Rudder Angle Transmitter and Linkage Assembly Reliability ImprovementITL Solutions$.03M
23-02-015R&D-014Prototype 75kVA MIL-SPEC Three Phase 450-120V TransformerNWL, Inc.$.15M
23-02-011FIT-003Advanced Weapons Elevators (AWE) Technical StudiesDelphinus Engineering$.74M
23-01-011-001R&D-007Variable Stator Vane Optimization and High Pressure Turbine Modulated CoolingGE Aviation$10.01M
23-01-009-005R&D-004HES-C Integration for LHD Class Chilled Water SystemGibbs & Cox$.10M
23-02-008R&D-015Development of AC Loss Simulation Packages for Superconducting CoilsThe Ohio State University$0.19M
23-02-031AFR&PI-005Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard (PHNSY) Closed Loop Cooling SystemFairbanks Morse Defense$4.25M
23-01-001-001AFR&PI-001Manufacture and First Article Inspection of a Universal CPP Dummy HubConcurrent Technologies Corporation$2.09M
22-02-011DT-002Improved Efficiency to the Integrated Digital ShipyardSiemens Government Technologies, Inc.$1.49M
22-01-010DT-001Data Analytics for Shipboard HM&E SystemsNoblis, Inc.$.20M
22-01-016DT-001DT-001 Data Analytics for Shipboard HM&E SystemsPeraton, Inc.$.20M
22-01-050DT-001Planned Maintenance System Prognostics-Diagnostics (PMS Pro)A-Tech, LLC, dba BlueHalo Labs$.20M
22-02-008R&D-005Navy Common ActuatorTri-Tec Manufacturing$2.3M
22-01-012DT-001Failures and Anomalies Understood Leveraging Technology to Limit Impact on Naval EquipmentTDI Novus, Inc.$0.19M
22-01-018DT-001Data Analytics for Shipboard HM&E SystemsLMI Consulting LLC$0.19M
22-01-037CYBER-001Cyber Course MapperMartin Federal Consulting LLC$0.15M
22-02-A-002R&D-001Identity, Credential, and Access ManagementScientific Research Corp.$4.9M
22-02-007R&D-006Poly Catechol Styrene (PCS) Biomimetic Underwater Cure AdhesiveMussel Polymers, Inc.$0.48M
22-02-009R&D-004Superconducting DC CoilEnergy to Power Solutions$0.20M
22-02-015R&D-007Advanced Weapons Elevator Software Configuration ReductionDelphinus Engineering$2.47M
22-01-028CYBER-001Competency Development ProgramGryphon Technologies$0.15M
22-01-040FIT-001Small Linear Actuator Test StandCurtiss-Wright$0.13M